It gets very annoying if you run the constant problem of always needing to repair or replace your roof every time a hurricane sticks. If we as Floridians have learned anything from the last 3 years, its that hurricanes are more common then we think. Because of this, it is smart to avoid roof repair entirely by protecting your roofs in a storm. At Professional Sunshine Roofing we want your roof to survive the next hurricane season. We are one of the best roofing companies in Jacksonville FL.


It Is Worth The Investment

A roof is a significant investment that cost lots of money. It only makes sense to spend some money to protect it.  You want it to last for as long as it can. Unfortunately, as those of us in Florida know all too well based on our experiences during the last four summers, sometimes Mother Nature has other plans.


Here are three ways you can protect your roof from summer storms:

  • Trim tree away from your home
    • One of the most significant problems for roofs during a severe weather event tends to be falling and airborne debris from nearby objects, especially trees. Although a twig or branch that blows across your shingles might not present any issues; a larger limb, like a large branch, can cause catastrophic damage to your roof and home.


  • Inspect your roof for pre-existing leaks
    • The best way to check for leaks is to head up to your attic and look for telltale signs like water spots or stains. If you don’t see anything but suspect there’s still a problem, you might be able to ask a family member or friend to go outside and imitate rain on the roof using a garden hose.


  • Perform regular roof checkups
    • When you are performing an exterior inspection, be sure to check the following:
      • Missing or damaged shingles.
      • Compromised underlayment or sealant
      • Loose, faulty, or absent nails.
      • Visible rust on components
      • Worn or cracked boots around vents or pipes.


We Are The Best In Roof Repair

PSR Inc. has become one of the top roofing companies in north Florida due to our quality workmanship and superb customer service. Meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations from multimillion dollar commercial/residential projects and large scale property management to the smaller scale homeowner. Our extensive experience (over 50+ years) and impeccable reputation ensure your complete confidence in us, whether it be new construction, remodel/ addition, re-roof or repair.


We have positioned ourselves with several industry leading companies to be at the forefront of new products to make your roof look unique and more energy efficient in conjunction with going “Green.” We are proud to be among the first to bring these products to you.


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